HASEKURA Isuna May Your Soul Rest in Magdala
It is a world in which order is maintained through three great factions: the Church, which bears the greatest authority; the Order of Clausius, possessing influence on par with the Church, claimant of immense assets and military might, and; the Guild of Commerce, an association of merchants and artisans alike.In this world is the alchemist Kusla, who has been captured and imprisoned for the crime of burning a saint’s bones.There’s been a spin-off novel announced with release on 10th January
hanaandar Alif
Alif an orphan, is keen to do big but his wish to do big takes him to a dangerous journey.
LizodIDK Realm of 'Culture'
Random H Scenes with random girls from random anime/manga/novels. Don't give power stones to this. This is just for the men of culture out there who haven't seen an H scene (or a decent one) with the characters in this "novel". I'm a man of culture and proud to be one, hopefully you are too. By the way, just so we're clear, this is an adult novel and I won't take any responsibility for...
reinesse QPA Initial Version
Huang Liwei always wanted to join the entertainment industry just like her family. Her mother is a scriptwriter. Her father is a director. Her uncle is an actor. Her eldest brother is a composer. Her little sister is aiming to be an instrumentalist. "Then I'll be a choreographer!" Who knew that she'd become popular by just showing up for a few seconds on a popular group's live streaming...